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Release Notes

What's new? The change log is a list of all changes made to the respective software versions.

Version (March 29 2021)

  • LTE modem firmware update: Fix compatibility issues with provider-side changeover from IPv4 to IPv6
  • Call number extension: Call numbers with excess length can be distributed to several call numbers per phone book entry with a preceding comma
  • Parallel use of the "hidden emergency call" and the "panic button" possible
  • Implementation of a "One Wire" USB update function: modem, software and DSP updates possible via a USB cable
  • Triggering the PTT now also possible via switch
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
    • In memory management
    • Call abort
    • DSP file download
    • SMS dispatch after software update


Version (November 5 2020)

  • Echo cancellation has been improved (two cumulative updates required)
  • Display problems with call lists and speed dialling were fixed
  • Loudspeaker volume increased
  • Various API extensions
  • FTP server connection problems fixed

Important Notice
In order to fix all issues and to get all improvements mentioned in this update, it is necessary to run the update twice!


Version 6.01.04 (May 28 2020)

  • Microphone gain for the hands-free microphone is now adjustable
  • Default gain of the hands-free microphone was increased by +9 dB
  • The APN pre-settings for AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon were implemented into the North America version
  • Feature updates via SMS trigger now a confirmation SMS
  • Default GPS cycle time was increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • The stability of the WiFi module was improved
  • Call set-up problems with conference servers via LTE were fixed
  • Time can now be set by the provider
  • FTP configuration/Phonemanager support


Version (Jan 27 2020)

  • Launch software