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Railway Applications

Communication Devices for Railway Applications

So that communication doesn't fall by the wayside!
Our wide range of communication products are perfect for use in rail transport. All these products meet the railway standards specifications.

Reliable Communication Devices for Railway Applications

In the event of disruptions or emergencies, train drivers, security and other emergency services must be able to communicate with each other immediately. Clear and trouble-free communication makes it possible to take immediate action, ensure passenger safety and coordinate operations. High-quality communication solutions are therefore essential in rail transportation to ensure safe and effective operations.


Our products are tested in accordance to DIN EN 50155.

Handset HA10 and HA11

The HA11 EVO handset is equipped with a large push-to-talk button on the underside. With a dynamic microphone and earpiece, the handset guarantees clear communication in various applications. In comparison, our HA10 EVO handset also offers a thumb grip for even greater ease of use.

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Handset HA40

The robust HA40 handset impresses with its IP40 protection class, a color graphic display, a wide operating voltage range and an integrated microcontroller. The large PTT button, the full keypad and the noise-compensating microphone capsule make it a reliable and flexible communication solution.

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Handset HA57

The durable HA57 handset with IP40 protection class consists of a large color display and PTT button, which is also ideal for left-handed users. It also has an integrated flash memory for applications and offers a wide operating voltage range, which ensures reliable operation in different environments and situations.

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Microphone Head TM660

The microphone head TM660 is ideal for gooseneck mounting (Ø 11 mm, 15 mm and 18 mm). With cardioid directivity, which focuses the sound and minimizes background noise, the TM660 is a dynamic microphone. The TM660 is also available as a gooseneck microphone.

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Hands-free Microphone ME8

The ME8 built-in microphone with an electret microphone capsule, an integrated preamplifier and a dimensionally stable plastic housing is a high-quality solution for your application. 

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Hand Microphone DD113

Our waterproof hand microphone DD113, which is equipped with a dynamic microphone capsule, is characterized by its robust, chrome-plated housing and extremely durable switching contacts. The microphone is also equipped with a hard-wearing coiled cable and has a touch guard to prevent unintentional operation.

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