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PTCarPhone 6

The perfect solution for versatile applications.

The Solution for Professionals.

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The intelligent online platform for remote maintenance and management

For the PTCarPhone 5 and 6.

More information on Bridge

Performance Features

Listen and be Heard

First-class audio, signal and reception quality – Quality “Made in Germany”.

Performance features at a glance
PTCarPhone in the vehicle

Software Updates

More Than Just Telephony

Free software updates (over the air).

All about software updates

In-Vehicle Solution for Professionals

The PTCarPhone is the right choice for anyone who wants to retrofit their vehicle with a hands-free system and always sets the highest standards. Two connections for a MIMO outdoor antenna guarantee excellent LTE reception. At the same time, mobile phone radiation is banished from the vehicle’s interior. The hands-free system is unrivaled in terms of voice quality and ease of use and is designed especially for telephony in the vehicle. The PTCarPhone is clearly a cut above Bluetooth® solutions.

Performance features at a glance

High Quality LTE Communication

Thanks to VoLTE and the proven Clear Voice & Sound Technology, phone calls are now clearer and more natural. Effective suppression of echoes and environmental noise means that the PTCarPhone 6 is suitable for a wide variety of driver cabins. It is the ideal solution for the fleets of transport, logistics, taxi and bus companies, car rental agencies as well as government agencies and security organizations.

Authorities Version and NA Model

To coincide with the launch of a new PTCarPhone generation and in response to requests, we are now offering for the first time a model with support for North American LTE networks (US, Canada and Mexico).
In addition, we made a special model only for public authorities. Here we have compiled the PTCarPhone 6 with the most important accessories and adapted some software features for the perfect fit in authorities vehicles.

Models and Accessories

Made in Germany

As a specialist for professional communication solutions, pei tel has been specializing in customer-oriented Solutions for vehicles for years. With our systems and solutions, we set technological standards – thus ensuring the quality of our products “Made in Germany”.

  • Tailored Solutions in compliance with required standards
  • Innovative development and production technologies

Bridge – A Cloud-Based Online Platform

Bridge is the intelligent online platform for remote maintenance and management of PTCarPhone devices over the Internet.
Be it just one PTCarPhone or an entire vehicle fleet, Bridge makes it so easy to handle device settings and manage the PTCarPhone’s phone books. All you need is an Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.
All PTCarPhone 6 models allow positioning via GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. This enables you to determine the position of your vehicle at any time.
The position can then be displayed in an interactive map on the Bridge online platform. The position can also be queried by a text message. All you need to do is send a short command sequence by text message to the PTCarPhone. You will then receive an answer message with the appropriate position data.

More information on Bridge


PTCarPhone 6

Frequently Asked Questions about the PTCarPhone

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