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Person operates an assembly support for gooseneck microphones


Made in Germany

Our products have many touch points with the issue of safety, which is guaranteed only by quality and reliability in all situations.

Person packs a package for shipping


Modern, computerized storage system

Our logistics center consists of around 600 m² of storage space on two floors.

Manufacturing and Production

The modular workstations of our production department are fitted with pneumatic screwdrivers, SMD manual soldering devices and ESD protection. The team is supported by the work preparation, material disposition and production control units.

  • Assembly of mechanical and electronic parts/components in serial production
  • Manual soldering of wires, circuit boards and contacts
  • Cable confection
  • Testing of finished products at computer-aided test stations
  • Packaging of finished products

We also occasionally sub-contract our manufacturing und production in order to manage peak production and special requirements.


Our logistics centre has around 600 sqm of storage space on two levels and since 2016 has been organized by a state-of-the-art, computer-aided warehouse software system. The responsibilities of the logistics department include assembling and packaging outgoing goods, managing transport service providers and their software tools and professional packaging of various finished products from serial production.

Our warehouse not only contains the finished products ready to ship out, but also all parts and components for production.

Right next to incoming goods is the quality assurance and incoming goods inspection team which ensures that incoming goods meet our quality requirements and can be used in production.