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USB Devices

USB Devices

Excellent voice quality with USB technology

Our universally applicable, high-quality and extremely robust USB devices are the perfect solution for computer-based control centers, information systems as well as intercom systems.

USB Desktop Microphones

Robust, reliable and high quality

Our USB desktop microphones are extremely robust, high quality and convincingly long lasting. With up to three buttons, hardware-side volume control, and I/Os for optional extras, such as headset or foot switch, the devices are a perfect solution for using on various control centre systems and intercom systems.

  • Optional hardware-side volume control 
  • Plug & Play headset port 
  • Input for an external button, e.g. foot switch
  • Output for connecting an external loudspeaker or an extended audio system


Automatic Installation

No additional drivers needed

No extra drivers need to be installed for the USB desktop microphones and handsets. The computer recognises the devices automatically the moment they are connected and installs them as USB 
composite device. The USB composite device comprises the components USB sound card and HID input device.

  • No extra drivers need to be installed 
  • Automatic installation from Windows® 10 
  • Automatic recognition as an USB composite device consisting of an USB sound card and a HID input device


USB Handsets

Two models for all situations

Our USB handsets with different cradles are suitable for various application situations. The cradle with heavy base plate can be moved on a table. In contrast, the cradle with force release mechanism
is suited for mounting on a horizontal or vertical surface, like e.g. in a vehicle.

  • Flame resistant solid plastic housing 
  • Large push-to-talk button 
  • Durable spiral cable 
  • Hook switch mechanism 
  • Suitable for mounting in vehicles

Configuration Software

We offer two software applications for configuring our USB devices.

The software PTC USB Tool offers the possibility to test the USB devices extensively, on the other hand, various configurations can be made. The settings range from LED color and brightness, mute options for PTT buttons, to HID modes.

The following HID modes are available:

  • pei tel HID Protocol
    USB device registers itself as HID-compliant user control device
  • Gamecontroller
    USB device registers itself as HID-compliant game controller
  • Keyboard
    USB device registers itself as HID compliant keyboard

The various HID modes offer a high degree of flexibility, allowing easy integration into almost any control center and radio software, as well as PTToC solution.

With the PS Gateway software, keys from the computer‘s keyboard can be assigned to the USB devices. In addition, it is possible to select key combinations and define the PTT key as a button or toggle switch.

You can find the latest versions of the software on our website:

Software Releases

Information Systems

Always up to date

Life is getting faster and faster and the latest information always has to be distributed in the shortest possible time. Our USB devices transmit information such as timetable changes at the railway station, new openings in the shopping centre or special offer announcements at the electronics store to visitors, guests and customers without interference. 

  • Passenger information at airports, bus and railway stations
  • Visitor information in shopping centres and supermarkets 
  • Special offer announcements in food, clothing, drug stores, furniture or electronics stores


Perfect for Control Centres

Keeping control in an emergency

Fast, clear and secure communication to the mobile units must always be guaranteed in control centres of the fire service, police, civil protection or traffic and energy network monitoring. Our USB devices give you this guarantee. The smart USB technology allows the devices to be integrated into almost any control centre.

  • Control centres of police, fire service or civil protection 
  • Monitoring stations of traffic and energy networks, automobile club control centres 
  • Gas and water plants


Intercom Systems

Convenient but secure consultation

The USB desktop microphones and USB handsets are also ideal for intercom systems in addition to information systems and control centres. At night counters of petrol stations or advice
desks of banks or public offices. Thanks to their easy integration into existing systems, the devices can also be used with computer-based cash register systems.

  • Night counters at petrol stations and pharmacies 
  • Credit institutes and banks 
  • Drive-in counters at fast-food stores 
  • Public offices and pawnshops

Our USB-Products


Our high-quality and robust USB products offer the ideal solution for computer-based control centers, information systems and intercom systems. Download the USB folder for comprehensive information about our USB products.

USB-Products - Folder

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