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AVA System

AVA - Ambulance Video Assistant

System solution for your rescue service

The Ambulance Video Assistant (AVA) - created by our partner company FTI - is a highly available, cloud-based assistance system for emergency services that transmits audio, video and vital data to help rescue services and emergency physicians save lives more efficiently.

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AVA - Ambulance Video Assistant by FTI

The Most Advanced Assistance System for Rescue Teams

The most advanced video assistance system for rescue forces available on the market has been worked out, developed and tested down to the last detail in cooperation with experienced rescue forces - because only rescue forces know what really helps them in everyday life.

The innovative solution connects rescue teams with an emergency doctor and the control centre, at any time and any place! The flexible and efficient deployment of the emergency doctor makes it possible for an emergency doctor to be on hand for each rescue mission only as long as he or she is really needed and can then help with the next emergency. Thus, the emergency doctor can join in remotely via live video transmission via the web app already on the journey to the scene of the emergency or completely stationary, assess the situation of the accident victims and, if necessary, give instructions to the paramedics on site.


This allows the patient's treatment to start sooner, improving outcomes and significantly increasing efficiency in emergency doctor missions. This is not only better for patient care, but also for emergency response, as there is a shortage of emergency physicians, especially in rural areas.

Easily Integrable

  • Modular design
  • Individual adaptation to your needs
  • Lightweight, robust equipment
  • Vehicle integration without great effort

Intuitively Operable

  • Equipment and user interfaces
  • Built on familiar standards
  • Familiar handling of hardware and software
  • High acceptance by users
  • Low training costs

Existing Teams

  • AVA was developed in close cooperation with rescue teams
  • The concept of AVA supports the networking of rescue teams and known emergency physicians
AVA system placed on a table A man is making a phone call

Learn More About AVA

Use AVA, the Digital Champions Award 2019 winner, in your rescue service. Please contact our partner FTI Engineering Network GmbH at any time to learn more about AVA.

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