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Communication Technology for BOS

Police, Fire Department and Emergency

We secure communication. In cooperation with Motorola Solutions and certified BOS partners, we accompany your project from consultation through to completion. We are also available to you quickly with competent support for technical questions and problems. With our communication solutions, we implement your project successfully.

Authorities and Organizations With Security Tasks

Secure and clear communication is often vital for authorities and organizations with security tasks. Especially in critical situations, emergency services must be able to rely on communication technology. High-quality communication solutions with an uninterrupted connection are therefore essential.


PTCarPhone 6 EU In-Vehicle Solutions

The permanently installed PTCarPhone 6 LTE car phone is the ideal communication solution for your emergency vehicles. The integrated GPS module enables precise location tracking, no matter where you are. LTE connectivity and the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot ensure a reliable online connection. In addition, you can use the versatile functions to adapt the PTCarPhone to the specific requirements of the BOS sector - even remotely.

PTCarPhone 6


BOS Radios

Whether police, fire department or rescue service - for your operations you need high-quality radios that offer excellent audio quality for optimum intelligibility and are easy to operate. Our mobile and portable radios meet precisely these requirements.

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Professional Radio Technology


Vehicle Combination Antennas

Always stay in range with the best signal quality by combining our communication solutions with antennas from leading providers.

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Interference-free communication is now very easy with our PTIntercom intercom system. The PTIntercom can be used flexibly both inside and outside the vehicle. Accessories can be attached for immediate use according to individual requirements.

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Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™

WAVE PTX™ allows you to connect with your teams in real time to communicate via voice and multimedia content such as videos.

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WAVE PTX – Try before Buy



Mobile and Indoor Technology

Even in buildings and properties, emergency services must be reachable at all times in order to communicate reliably and securely with each other. Our experienced team of specialists will support you in the successful implementation of your project - from the initial inquiry to the invitation to tender through to implementation. We are also your point of contact for all questions relating to mobile and fixed radio technology and offer products in the following areas:

Mobile and Indoor Technology



Body-Worn Cameras

Promote the safety of your emergency services and the public. The use of body-worn cameras enables a high level of transparency by providing objective and accurate documentation of everyday events. They can help to ensure that controversial events are easy to clarify. Body-worn cameras have a deterrent effect as soon as those involved become aware that situations are being recorded. This leads to unwanted behavior being prevented.

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AVA - Ambulance Video Assistant

The AVA - Ambulance Video Assistant system was developed in collaboration with experienced ambulance teams and enables a direct connection between the ambulance service, emergency doctors and control centers. This allows the patient's condition to be determined quickly via live video and improves patient care. This also increases the efficiency of emergency physicians. Find out more now:

AVA - Ambulance Video Assistant



We offer you a diverse selection of high-quality speakers. Our speakers not only impress with their outstanding performance, but are also extremely robust and durable. Our portfolio offers an extensive selection of different speakers that can be customized and modified according to your requirements.



Hands-free Microphones

Clear communication via the hands-free system during an operation is essential, especially when hands-free use is not possible. Therefore, high-quality loudspeakers and hands-free microphones are of crucial importance.

Hands-free Microphones


Push-to-talk Buttons

Do you prefer uncomplicated installation of reliable and durable transmitter buttons? Then opt for our products. They can be individually adapted and positioned in the vehicles according to your requirements.



Our handsets offer outstanding audio and voice quality as well as versatile connection options. With a robust design, individual adaptations and the highest quality, they guarantee not only safe but also economical operation. Find out more now:




Our charging cradles for your Motorola handheld radios - where innovative lighting design meets the highest quality. Our robust yet lightweight charging cradles not only offer ease of use, but are also characterized by their durability.



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