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Individual Product Solutions

Does your company have its own particular requirements which are not fully met by our product range? Or, do you want to build on our existing range of products and simply add other functions? Talk to us! We look forward to analysing the individual needs of your company with you and to developing the perfect product solution. Our individual product solutions create new, trendsetting approaches for your business.

How the development of your individual product solution could look

The Planning Phase

We will organize a joint workshop to work out with you a first product definition based on your requirements. When the product framework is defined, you will receive a schedule and an offer for your personal product solution. We will then refine the concept in the next step.

From Concept to Design and Development

After the offer has been signed, we will work closely with you to prepare a product concept and product design. Using this as a basis, we will begin to develop your individual products. We will deliver both the product hardware and software. You will then evaluate and release the result.

Qualification and Production

Once the product sample has been released by you, we will qualify it and start production at our site in Teltow. Depending on the agreed schedule, you will be able to use your product soon.

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Have We Been Able to Spark Your Interest?

Contact us. We can provide you with a non-binding offer for your company’s individual product solution. Our customer advisors can be reached from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail and ask for a call back. We will be happy to contact you at your convenience.

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Individual Product Solutions with Success

ecoBART – The Digital Driving Assistant

Bad driving can cost a lot of money. Accelerating too fast and breaking too late consume unnecessary amounts of petrol and energy. pei tel Communications GmbH has developed the ecoBART digital driving assistant together with two partner companies.

ecoBART Flyer

When Every Minute Counts

Protection and security of employees are a top priority! Especially when working in sensitive security areas and even more so in the petrochemical and energy sectors. Knowing the exact location of each employee is not only mandatory, it also offers a huge advantage when coordinating the specialists of your team.

Z-Tracker – Personal Tracking Device for Lone Workers

The Z-Tracker device enhances the tried-and-tested principle of location that is based on longitude and latitude by adding height localization. This basically means that if an employee falls on the job, the device immediately registers the situation and automatically sends positioning data (also as an emergency call) to inform the control centre. Precise information on the position of the employee is thus delivered in a three-dimensional space, with an accuracy of less than one meter, providing an excellent basis for fast rescue.

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