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Smart integration of humans and machines in the industrial

Trouble-free processes in industrial environments are now possible with the PTRadioBrige. Find out more about the innovative solution now.


Smart Integration of Humans and Machines in the Industrial Environment

PTRadioBridge allows your machines to communicate with you. The system leverages existing radio and Wi-Fi infrastructures to transmit real-time digital signals as voice announcements to your employees. 

Whether it‘s issues on the production line or queries to colleagues: With PTRB-Button, the button of PTRadioBridge, messages can be triggered directly. In addition, the system offers PTRB-Connect4 with up to 4 inputs, which can automatically trigger messages, for example, in case of errors or machine downtime. 

All devices of the PTRadioBridge system can be conveniently configured and interconnected through web interfaces.

Now available in our Online Shop (German): PTRadioBridge

Signal in - Message out


Expand your PTRadioBridge communication solution with PTRB-Button. When the button is pressed, your employees will receive a direct voice message. Depending on the configuration, a voice message, for example, „Need assistance at workstation 3.“ can be heard from radio. 

Simultaneously, an audible and visual confirmation is provided through the PTRB-Button. 

• Multiple PTRB-Buttons can be connected to a single PTRadioBridge system
• Visual and audible signalling on the PTRB-Button
• Power supply options include cable or battery
• Wireless connection to the PTRadioBridge via WLAN

Now in our Online Shop (German): PTRB-Button


Machines and vending machines communicate with your employees via the PTRB-Connect4 , which is connected to the central PTRadioBrige via WLAN. The PTRB-Connect4 can record the status of the machines and automatically reports this to your employees via individually definable voice messages.

  • Four input signal ports per PTRB-Connect4
  • LEDs for visual signal monitoring 
  • Power supply options include cable or battery
  • Wireless connection to the PTRadioBridge via WLAN

Now in our Online Shop (German): PTRB-Connect4


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