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Retrofit intercom system for vehicles

According to EN 1789:2020, PTIntercom meets all the requirements of standards specifications. Whether emergency vehicles such as rescue services, fire departments, cash and valuables transporters, shuttle and cab services or delivery vehicles and trucks - PTIntercom is the optimal solution for various areas of application, ensuring simple yet secure communication.


PTIntercom is the central unit of an intercom system for fixed installation, in which two to four users (2- to 4-point communication) communicate with each other from a closed vehicle or between up to four spatially separated vehicle areas. If you would like more users to take part in the communication, additional units can be connected to the PTIntercom. You can select the right accessories for your application, such as handsets, hands-free systems, PTT button, LED light, potentiometer or switch for duplex or simplex mode, connect them to the PTIntercom and use them immediately (plug & play).

Now available in our Online Shop (German): PTIntercom

Key Features

  • Simplex / duplex / mixed modes
  • Active echo cancellation of digital signals processed in duplex mode 
  • Ports per interface side: PTT, speaker, hands-free mics, handset 
  • External port assignment option to enable
  • Line interface for cascaded units
  • Volume control per channel or volume set when putting the system into operation
  • External volume control option by external potentiometers
  • LEDs for modes and incoming call detection
  • Approved for vehicle applications after e-mark certification
  • Operates between 12 V and 24 V

Special Offer

PTIntercom Bundle including ME16 and KL18

Discover our exclusive special offer now! Get everything you need for smooth communication - directly in a bundle!

The bundle includes the PTIntercom electronics box with recessed potentiometers, the connection cable and power supply cable, but also two high-quality ME16 hands-free microphones and two powerful KL18 loudspeakers.

Benefit from this first-class offer and expand your bundle with additional accessories as required (Online Shop - German):

PTIntercom Bundle including ME16 and KL18 

PTIntercom System

The PTIntercom system can be used flexibly. Use the communication solution according to your needs and combine it independently with the right accessories. Choose between the PTIntercom with internal or external potentiometers and find out more (Online Shop - German):

The following elements are included in the scope of delivery: 

  • PTIntercom 
  • Connection cable 
  • Power supply cable

PTIntercom - Electronics box with power supply cable (external potentiometers) 
PTIntercom - Electronics box with power supply cable (internal potentiometers)


Following accessories can be connected to the PTIntercom

  • Hands-free microphones
  • Handsets
  • Loudspeaker
  • PTT button
  • Switch for Duplex operating modes
  • Potentiometer
  • LED light


Download the PTIntercom folder for comprehensive information about the intercom system, including matching accessories, features and areas of application.

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