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Testing Equipment

During development, our products undergo a variety of measuring and testing. Our testing equipment provides us with reliable evidence.

EMC Testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

In order to facilitate critical EMC tests in-house, we purchased a GTEM cell in 2018. It provides a defined test environment that delivers high-precision EMC test results. During testing, the test product is placed in the GTEM call. Interference immunity and emitted interference (emission testing) of the test product are then determined.

GTEM = Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell

Climate Tests

Our products are used worldwide and exposed to all kinds of weather and environmental conditions. To assure the respective functions, our products undergo various climate tests that cover temperature ranges from -40 °C to 190 °C. Furthermore, humidity can be simulated and adjusted freely. Some climate tests last several days with changing conditions, allowing us to simulate an entire product lifecycle within a short period of time.

ESD Testing (Electrostatic Discharge)

In ESD testing, electrostatic charges are produced artificially and discharged on the test object. During testing, the tester tries to simulate a discharge at different parts of the device being tested. The resultant number of discharges determines the device’s level of resistance to electrostatic discharge. Since our products have to function well even under harsh environmental conditions, considerable emphasis is already placed on ESD protection during hardware development.

Acoustic Measurements

Acoustic measurements are performed in-house in nearly all phases of product development and production. Three acoustic test chambers allow us to record various acoustic properties, for example, during the development of microphones. The chambers offer defined interior acoustics, which guarantee reproducible measurement results – from product development to production control, the so-called “End-Of-Line-Test”.

Compression and Traction Force Tests

Our test laboratory not only provides devices for electrical, climate and acoustic testing. We can also measure mechanical strain, which our products may encounter during their lifecycle. That’s why this testing is carried out so thoroughly. Compression and traction force tests are one example of this kind of testing. Various test scenarios are used to test cables and spiral cables, cable relief and different adhesive connections. The compression and/or traction forces can reach up to 5000 Newton (500 kg).