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The Extensive Performance Features of the PTCarPhone 6

The PTCarPhone in its 6th edition is much more than just a car phone. Extensive performance features enable it to be a modern LTE communication system, as well as a telematics platform and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot – All at the same time.

Wi-Fi Hotspot – Internet via WiFi

With its new hotspot function, the PTCarPhone now also provides a mobile Wi-Fi Internet access.
Whether laptop, smartphone, tablet or vehicle computer – just log into the PTCarPhone’s hotspot and you’re online. Up to 10 devices can use the hotspot at the same time.
Various manually adjustable wireless security settings make the hotspot function as secure as your home network.

Clear Voice & Sound Technology

By combining digital signal processing and precise acoustic measurements, we have made the PTCarPhone what it is today:
A high-quality communication solution for retrofitting in various vehicles. The PTCarPhone is the perfect example of our microphone technologies and expertise in vehicle acoustics and signal processing.


Free Online Platform for Tracking and Remote Administration

Bridge is the intelligent online platform for remote maintenance and management of PTCarPhone devices over the Internet.
Be it just one PTCarPhone or an entire vehicle fleet, Bridge makes it so easy to handle device settings and manage the PTCarPhone’s phone books. All you need is an Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.
All PTCarPhone 6 models allow positioning via GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. This enables you to determine the position of your vehicle at any time.
The position can then be displayed in an interactive map on the Bridge online platform. The position can also be queried by a text message. All you need to do is send a short command sequence by text message to the PTCarPhone. You will then receive an answer message with the appropriate position data.

Early Access Program

Bridge should get even better. For this purpose, we completely revise the online platform. Not only the user interface will be more intuitive. The platform will be completely free of charge. Thus, we offer all customers who use our hardware, new features for free.

If you want to use the new online platform sooner than anyone else, you can register for our Early Access Program.

Digital I/O Ports

It goes without saying that the new PTCarPhone generation provides connectivity options for external devices, such as acoustic or optical signals. In this way, incoming calls can also be signaled outside the vehicle. For example, by a flashing lamp or an external speaker.
Another option, which can be realized with the digital I/O ports, is a panic or emergency button. By pressing this button, the PTCarPhone will send an text message to a previously defined number, for example, a central office, and a call is placed.

  • 6 digital I/O ports
  • Programmable via the menu of the handset and the Bridge online platform

PTCarPhone Models and Accessories

All PTCarPhone 6 and PTCarPhone 5 models are each fitted with 6 digital inputs and outputs. They are used for controlling and switching various external devices. Here you will get an overview on all available PTCarPhone models.

Second Handset

The second handset is the ideal accessory for vehicles with a separate passenger cabin, such as rescue vehicles. Especially in an emergency, it is crucial that the information transmitted be crystal clear and interference-free at all times and that constant availability and reception are guaranteed.

  • Two handsets easily linked up to one system via Plug & Play
  • Forwarding calls between the two handsets
  • Sending and receiving text messages
  • Brightness and call volume separately adjustable
  • Intercom function between the two handsets

Lift the handset from the cradle to switch from hands-free mode to private mode – it’s that simple.

PTCarPhone Product Video

The retrofit car phone from pei tel meets the highest standards and has an external antenna to provide excellent reception with no background noise. The effective background noise reduction means that the hands-free system is ideal for loud driver's cabs – and is thus the optimal solution for commercial and official use. Transport, logistics, taxi and bus companies are not the only ones to gain from the hands-free system for cars & trucks – the same goes for car hire firms and authorities and organisations responsible for public safety.


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