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Broadband Solutions

Futureproof technologies for efficient communication.

Broadband Solutions

Broadband solution combines essential voice communication, multimedia data transfer and positioning services into a single ecosystem. Our systems provide you with all of these benefits while ensuring ease of installation, administration and maintenance. For an individual consultation contact our specialist or send us an email directly:

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Broadband solutions with PTToC-enabled systems

With our Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC)-enabled systems, the future-proof technology of the broadband solution offers efficient communication for mobile and portable operations. Compared with conventional radio technology, it uses existing LTE broadband networks to ensure perfect coverage even beyond regional borders. Broadband solutions bring considerable advantages, such as:

  • Secure and fast communication always and everywhere
  • Low costs with higher productivity
  • Advanced user functions
  • New level of communications security
  • Contemporary enterprise mobility management

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Our Broadband Solutions

Broadband Solutions combine essential voice communications, multimedia application capabilities and location services in one ecosystem. Our portable and robust PTToC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) smartphones and tablets, as well as our fixed units installed in vehicles and systems, enable secure communication between different devices on one platform. 

Broadband Solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors: courier, transport and logistics companies, industrial enterprises, municipalities and local authorities, public safety authorities (BOS) such as the police, fire department and rescue services, as well as aid organizations. Unlike radio solutions, VoLTE & IP-based information and data exchange ensures flawless communication even beyond regional borders. Another key advantage of Broadband Solutions is the wide range of multimedia applications. For example, pictures, videos and messages can be sent via 4G, 5G and WLAN networks. In addition, smartphones and tablets equipped with the Android operating system offer access to an almost unlimited number of apps. 

All of our Broadband Devices already have an integrated PTT (push-to-talk) button or can be optionally retrofitted. They thus enable the simple operation familiar from radio devices. The rugged smartphones and tablets also have a crash- and water-resistant housing, making them suitable for use in harsh conditions. Characteristic of the units permanently installed in vehicles and systems are also a high quality of workmanship, simple set-up and excellent audio quality. If required, pei tel also offers installation, fitting or training via partner companies. 

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