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Release Notes

What's new? The change log is a list of all changes made to the respective software versions.

Version 5.02.33 (Dec 18 2020)

  • Various API extensions


Version 5.02.32 (Nov 11 2020)

  • Storage problems fixed with too long phone numbers
  • Various API extensions
  • Several small bugs fixed


Version 5.02.31 (Aug 12 2020)

  • Display error in the call lists fixed
  • Display error in the Device Info menu fixed
  • Compatibility adjustments (communication to the bridge)


Version 5.02.30 (Jun 25 2020)

  • Transport encryption for communication to the Bridge implemented
  • Default GPS cycle time set from 30 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.29 (Jan 31 2020)

  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.28 (Jan 28 2020)

  • Settings for network technology added – 2G, 3G or Automatic


Version 5.02.27 (Dec 16 2019)

  • Software update error fixed


Version 5.02.26 (Nov 18 2019)

  • Added support for online platform Bridge


Version 5.02.25 (Sep 25 2019)

  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.24 (Sep 17 2019)

  • Error fixed which occurred when configuring inputs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for the PTT feature


Version 5.02.23 (Aug 19 2019)

  • PTT feature added
  • Fixed error which occurred when editing an SMS (First letter in Abc editor mode was written in lower case)
  • Fixed error which occurred when answering calls (volume was increased for a short period of time)
  • Fixed error with handset software update


Version 5.02.22 (Jun 20 2019)

  • Minor bugfixes


Version 5.02.21 (May 16 2019)

  • Fixes a bug that occasionally caused problems with the call indication
  • Further AT commands added (see command description)


Version 5.02.20 (Apr 10 2019)

  • Fixes a bug that affects the GPS function of the PTCarPhone 530


Version 5.02.19 (Dec 5 2018)

  • Added headset functionality
  • Volume increased (due to some customer requests)


Version 5.02.18 (May 8 2018)

  • The PTCarPhone can now be used without a handset
    • The device can be controlled via the digital inputs and outputs (I/Os)
    • Configuration of the digital I/Os is possible via the serial interface, via SMS, or via MQTT protocol
  • Bypassing a fault of the GSM/UMTS module
    • The error occasionally prevented a proper login into a new network when crossing a border
  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.17 (Nov 28 2017)

  • Fixed an error in the update process
  • Handsfree mode is now automatically activated when no handset is connected
  • No PIN entry is required after updating the software or automatically restarting the device
  • Four new AT commands added


Version 5.02.16 (Aug 22 2017)

  • Polish menu language added
  • Chained SMS extended
  • SMS now supports UCS-2
  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.15 (Jul 18 2017)

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a freeze during the network type detection (QUAD V3 Module)


Version 5.02.14 (Jul 12 2017)

  • The PTCarPhone 5 now recognizes a SIM card with the function “Fixed Dialing Number / FDN” activated, which means that the FDN phonebook is selected on the SIM card and when copying phone book entries this directory is copied. No entries need to be entered manually. Options for adding and editing phone book entries are no longer required when the FDN function is active.
  • If the PIN 2 is requested, this is now also shown in the display with “Please enter PIN 2”
  • MQTT protocol for configuration and position reporting
  • Display of the registration (IoT) under the menu item “Device info”
  • LTE modules are supported
  • Shortcut no longer disappears when changing the number
  • QR code with serial number, TPU firmware and IMEI has been added
  • GPS position inquiry now also possible directly after switching on, it will transmit the last position from the backup registers
  • Handset’s display can be switched off when the software feature „Automatic Redialling“ is set off (Software Feature „Automatic Redialling“ must be unlocked)
  • Improving stability
  • Update of the module firmware now possible via cable (see AT command and only with hardware Rev. 2)
  • External GPS receiver is supported


Version 5.02.13 (Feb 02 2017)

  • When the software feature „Automatic Redialling“ is activated, the inactive brightness can now be reduced to 0
  • When the software feature „Automatic Redialling“ is triggered, the acoustic signal is now played back via the external speaker
  • Fixed some errors after or during a software update
    • Now again, both handsets are updated one after the other
    • Incoming calls are now displayed again after a software update (only if software is up-to-date)
  • Updating the panic button function: Sending the GPS position via SMS and panic call is now possible at the same time


Version 5.02.12 (Dec 14 2016)

  • Adaptations to new firmware of GSM / UMTS modules
  • Obsolete commands have been replaced
  • Minor bug fixes


Version 5.02.11 (Dec 09 2016)

  • Elimination of an error which prevented the device from switching off after the end of the run-on period
  • Fixed mute on intercom function
  • Time period of the “Pause command” at DTMF, which is defined by a “,” (comma), has been doubled
  • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements


Version 5.02.10 (Jul 21 2016)

  • Optimized update procedure
  • Small bugs fixed


Version 5.02.09 (Developer Version)


Version 5.02.08 (May 23 2016)

    • New feature: Intercom is now also available in hands-free mode
    • New feature: Extras/Purchase Features: Add extra functionalities to the phone
    • New feature: Hidden Emergency Call*
    • New feature: Toggle – Switch between two active phone calls
    • New feature: Coordinates of the current position can now be transferred in a panic SMS
    • Time Setting via SMS removed
    • The text of the right function key for the intercom switch was changed from Change to Internal
    • Optimization of operation and small bug fixes

* Purchase Feature: This feature must be bought for the respective device before it can be used.
Please find further information about this software update in our support document.


Version 5.01.07 (Feb 02 2016)

  • New feature: “Device info” now additionally shows the device type and the firmware version of the GSM module
  • New feature: Added comma in the dialing mode (by pressing the *-key repeatedly)
  • New feature: The ring volume of the handset was increased
  • New feature: Added menu languages Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Romanian and Norwegian
  • New feature: Menu items in the language selection menu are now shown in the respective language
  • When querying the GPS position, now the current fix is received, no longer the fix from the backup
  • An error in DTMF dialing on incoming calls has been fixed
  • Small bug fixes


Version 5.01.06 (Dec 10 2015)

  • New feature: The PTCarPhone 5 is now compatible with the Phonemanager 3
  • Further optimisation of the audio quality of the PTCarPhone 510
  • Small bug fixes


Version 5.01.05 (Nov 5 2015)

  • New feature: PTCarPhone sends a sequence on all communication interfaces after starting the software
  • New feature: More AT commands implemented
    • PGPRS » Deleting values is now possible
  • Small bug fixes in AT commands
  • Fixing of the “60 second” bug of the intercom function


Version V.5.01.04 (Oct 19 2015)

  • New feature: Intercom between two handsets
  • New feature: More AT commands implemented
  • New feature: AT commands via SMS
    • Changing the operation mode
    • Add contacts to the phone book
    • Deleting the phone book
    • Changing the online password
    • Changing Internet settings and FTP settings (for Phonemanager 3)
    • Changing the delay timer
    • Initiating software update
    • I/Os can be configured
    • Requesting a position (only with GPS module)
    • Requesting the call duration
    • Resetting factory defaults
  • Small bug fixes


Version V.5.01.03 (Aug 28 2015)

  • New feature: Digital inputs and outputs
  • New feature: GE910-QUAD 32-Bit module support added
  • Small bug fixes


Version V.5.01.02 (Aug 19 2015)

  • New feature: Operation modes
  • New feature: Second handset
  • New feature: Conference call
  • Bug fix: Memory management


Version V.5.01.01 (Jun 22 2015)

  • First non-beta version