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PTCarPhone 530 (GPS) Upgrade Kit
PTCarPhone 530 (GPS) Upgrade Kit

[EOL] PTCarPhone 530 (GPS) Vehicle Communication System Upgrade Kit

Art-No: 6609-005-106-51

The PTCarPhone 5 series – from car phone to telematics platform

[EOL] End of Life: This product has been discontinued.

Alternatively we are offering the PTCarPhone 6.



  • First-class voice quality in hands-free mode
  • Optimal reception due to antenna connection
  • Standalone system with SIM card holder
  • Removable handset for making discrete calls
  • Operating modes for controlled costs
  • 6 digital inputs and outputs for professional applications
  • Remote configuration via the online platform BRIDGE

Scope of delivery

  • UMTS electronics box with integrated GPS module
  • HA59 handset with 2.4-inch color display
  • A58 cradle for handset
  • Adapter cable for connecting the components of the old PTCarPhone to the electronics box of the PTCarPhone 530
  • Quick reference guide multilingual
  • Installation instructions multilingual



  • Software Feature "Hidden Emergency Call", Article Number: 6999-012-000-00
  • Software Feature "Automatic Redialling", Article Number: 6999-013-000-00

Application range

  • Company Cars and Fleets
  • Safety and Emergency Services
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Taxis and Buses
  • Car Rental Agencies
  • Limousine Services
  • Waste Management


  • HA59 as second handset, Article Number: 6508-006-100-51
  • ME251 Gooseneck microphone, Article Number: 2908-029-000-51
  • 2.5 m extension cord for the handset, Article Number: 6098-260-005-51
  • 5.0 m extension cord for the handset, Article Number: 6098-260-007-51
  • I/O Cable Kit, Article Number: 6708-004-000-00








- GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

- UMTS (3G): 800/850, 900, AWS 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz

USB Port

Using the PTCarPhone as UMTS-Modem (more information)


2.4 inch color display, 240 x 320 pixels, 166 dpi, 16-bit color depth (High Color)

Phone Book Memory

Integrated memory for up to 5.000 contacts 3 numbers each (business, private, mobile)


German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Romanian, Norwegian, Polish

Storage temperature

-30° C to +80° C

Operating temperature

-20° C to +70° C


Operating voltage: 10 V to 32 V

(Perfect for passenger cars and trucks)

Virtual Ignition

Perfect for vehicles without ignition cable:

When enabled, the PTCarPhone detects changes in the power supply and turns on automatically when the engine is started.

Dimensions & Cable lengths

Electronics box

Length: 133 mm

Width: 96 mm (72 mm without retaining tabs)

Height: 25 mm


Length: 167 mm

Width: 51 mm

Height: 44 mm (30 mm without cradle)

Extension Cable for Handset

Length: 2.5 m

Cable set

Length: 2.0 m

Connection ports

Connection ports at the PTCarPhone

- GSM/UMTS antenna

- GPS antenna (only with PTCarPhone 530)

- SIM card holder

- 2 ports for handsets

- USB port (more information)

- Hands-free microphone

- Cable set

- Speaker

- Line-Out

- 6 digital I/Os

Connections to the vehicle

Permanent plus, ignition, ground, radio mute