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Bridge – the Complimentary Online Platform for Tracking and Administration

Bridge is the intelligent online platform for free tracking and for straightforward administration of PTCarPhone devices over the Internet. Use Bridge to change and manage contacts and settings easily and within seconds.

Be it just one PTCarPhone or an entire vehicle fleet

Bridge makes it so easy to handle device settings and manage the PTCarPhone’s phone books. All you need is an Internet-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or PC.
All PTCarPhone 6 models allow positioning via GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. This enables you to determine the position of your vehicle at any time.
The position can then be displayed in an interactive map on the Bridge online platform.

Early Access Program

Bridge should get even better. For this purpose, we completely revise the online platform. Not only the user interface will be more intuitive. The platform will be completely free of charge. Thus, we offer all customers who use our hardware, new features for free.

If you want to use the new online platform sooner than anyone else, you can register for our Early Access Program.

Phonebook Administration

Administrate and synchronise all your contacts. Use the intuitive import and export features to keep your contacts up-to-date – even for the whole fleet of vehicles at once.

Device Status

Check out the status of all your devices live. Which device is online right now? How much phonebook memory is available? Is there a newer software version available? The answers on all these questions are just a few clicks away.

GPS Real-Time Tracking

Various tracking features for real-time tracking of your fleet are already available in Bridge and can all be used now. Those will be enhanced and optimized in future.

Wireless Transmission

The data transmission between Bridge and the devices over the mobile phone network is wireless and encrypted. You won't need any physical access to the device to change settings.


Data security has absolute priority for us. Therefore all personal data is solely stored and transmitted with encryption. For this purpose we use current standards, like for example AES 256.


  • Completely free – no monthly costs for access and use of the online platform
  • No installation of additional software or hardware necessary
  • Works with all common internet-capable devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Cloud Service – independent of the operating system or location of the device
  • API access – individual connection to existing software and / or systems possible