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Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX™

Taking Group Communication Further

The cloud-based group communication service provides users with instant, media-rich communication including live video streaming, regardless of their network or device.


Connects Teams in Real-Time and Offers New Multimedia Communication

Around the world, businesses rely on group communication to streamline operations and provide better service for their customers. Instantaneous group push-to-talk (PTT) communication is one of the most efficient ways to communicate and is at the core of many business’ operations. Today, Motorola Solutions is taking voice PTT communications further with the launch of WAVE PTX, a subscription-based group communication service that delivers both voice and multimedia content via broadband and Wi-Fi.


Meets the Requirements of Various Industries

WAVE PTX allows users to seamlessly communicate across any Android or iOS device with the Mobile App, purpose-built WAVE PTX TLK Series devices and even PCs and tablets connected via Wi-Fi or cellular network. The cloud-based service is designed to meet the operational needs of various industries - from large shipping and logistics organisations requiring instant and secure voice communication, to sophisticated retail operations demanding rich communication with video, documents or location data.

The solution includes media-rich features such as group text, location sharing, photos, and videos. A powerful video streaming capability allows users access to live video, at the push-of-a-button, to provide other relevant users a view of critical events as they unfold. WAVE PTX allows organizations that rely on two-way radio communications, such as DMR and TETRA, to connect their existing system to the broadband service, thus expanding coverage and functionality.

“Today more than ever organizations are looking for communication solutions to help them stay connected with increasingly mobile workforces. WAVE PTX brings together the simplicity of PTT communication with the richness of broadband to provide organizations with the ultimate group communications service.” - Motorola Solutions

WAVE PTX Dispatch – Web-based Dispatch Software

In addition to the Mobile App and TLK Series devices, the WAVE PTX solution includes WAVE PTX Dispatch: an advanced web-based dispatch software that helps organize and coordinate team communications, providing a comprehensive overview of all operations. This includes precise mapping tools to track the location of people and resources, which helps increase situational awareness and protect workers in times of emergency.

The Efficiency and Simplicity of Purpose-built Devices

To accompany the WAVE PTX service, Motorola Solutions introduces the new TLK 150 Mobile Two-Way Radio, designed for use in-vehicle, with easy-to-use one-button push-to-talk and hands-free accessories to help avoid driver distraction. The new device includes critical safety features like location tracking and emergency calling and alerts to help drivers remain safe and accounted for, while crisp, clear audio keeps everyone connected.

TLK 150 is the newest addition to the company’s TLK Series, which includes the TLK 100, a handheld device designed exclusively for broadband PTT. TLK 100 optimizes efficiency and ease of use of a two-way radio while providing advanced features like location tracking, 3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice announcement and incoming call identification.

Leading in Broadband PTT Communications

Motorola Solutions’ broadband PTT service is a 3GPP standards-compliant and future-ready solution that supports seamless interoperability between users on Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) systems as well as 5G, 4G and 3G cellular networks. The service instantly connects teams across different devices, networks, and locations – no matter which technology they are using, and the service can be easily scaled to new staff or third-party partners, enabling rapid response to developing situations or changing needs. It is backed by over 15 years of experience in delivering fast, secure, scalable and highly resilient PTT communications to customers – with currently over 500 deployments worldwide and more than one million end-users. The carrier-integrated broadband PTT solution has been adopted by leading mobile carriers like AT&T, Bell, Verizon, Sprint, Telstra and Telefonica.

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