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PTVoiceBox 4G

PTVoiceBox 4G for Europe now Available!

The PTVoiceBox 4G is a compact 4G (LTE) module for voice and data transmission (M2M/IoT) with integrated GPS and WiFi hotspot for the European market.


Retrofit Integration

The PTVoiceBox 4G is recommended for every system where a modem upgrade to 4G (LTE) is necessary. The cessation of 3G (UMTS) service in many European countries in 2021 makes an upgrade inevitable.


Voice and Data Transmission

The strengths of the PTVoiceBox 4G are fast data transmission and excellent voice quality. These are partly due to the offer of suitable external antennas (e.g. Panorama Antennas) and partly to carefully selected audio accessories. Another feature is the mobile WiFi hotspot that speeds up surfing for your mobile devices.


The PTVoiceBox 4G can Make Things Happen

The 6 digital input and output ports offer many possibilities to wake your creativity. External switches or keys for example can start emergency calls or send SMS conveying the GPS position. On the other hand, a call or an SMS can move switches of, for example, a rotating beacon, a siren or a door opener.


Covered installation, perfectly integrated

The PTVoiceBox 4G is perfectly suited to fit into divers system configurations, hidden in the vehicle. In this way, you are able to operate covertly from within the vehicle and stay connected to headquarters in the same time, by dialling into a telephone conference session.
To make controlling the device simple and without distracting you during covered observation, all necessary functions for call control can be done by using hidden keys. This is technically realized with the digital inputs and outputs of the device.


Just what you need for your next project?

  • LTE with multi-antenna (MIMO) technology and VoLTE support
  • WiFi hotspot
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Extensive Range of Accessories
  • Excellent telephony and audio quality
  • Optimal reception through various connections for external antennas
  • Stand-alone system with SIM card holder (Mini SIM 2FF)
  • Removable handset for discreet phone calls
  • 6 digital I/O ports
  • Individually adjustable restrictions
  • Programming interfaces: AT commands via USB, RS-232, SMS or MQTT
  • Remote configuration via the online platform Bridge


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