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[Translate to EN:] pei tel feiert 30-jähriges Bestehen mit neuer Struktur

pei tel celebrates 30th anniversary with new structure

Change as constant: pei tel Communications GmbH, based in the city of Teltow, near Berlin, has reinvented itself time and again over its 30-year history. Launched in 1991 as a sales and distribution company for the peiker technology group, the first shift came when pei tel added development and manufacturing of its own products, ultimately followed by distribution of communication solutions from external providers. Today, pei tel is a full-spectrum provider of comprehensive communication solutions. To mark its anniversary, the company has introduced a new structure. From now on, pei tel’s products and services will be grouped into four areas: broadband solutions, professional radio technology, mobile and indoor radio, and professional audio accessories.

“These changes are geared toward the current market trends. Broadband solutions in particular have become much more important recently, and that is now also reflected in our range of products and services,” says Thomas Martin, CEO of pei tel. For example, government agencies and companies in safety-critical settings now also increasingly use solutions based on the most common mobile radio standards: 3G, 4G, and 5G. The PTCarPhone from pei tel is one example. This professional permanently installed LTE solution can be used in police or other first responder vehicles, for example. It features a Wi-Fi hotspot, integrated GPS, a high-quality hands-free function, and free, Web-based remote maintenance and location of devices via the Bridge online platform.

But the growing appeal of broadband technology does not mean the existing radio networks – which, in Europe, are based primarily on the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) standard – have become obsolete: “Traditional radio networks still have their place. The crucial factors are the area where they are used and the relevant area of focus,” Martin explains. Those who need support making a decision can also turn to pei tel for comprehensive advice. The result doesn’t have to be an “either or” solution. A combination of radio system and broadband network might be the best option. To arrive at just the right solution, pei tel offers a wide range of technical possibilities and solutions, which can also be tailored individually to customers’ requirements.


New business segment created

In April 2020, pei tel began marketing not only its own products, but also professional radio technology from leading providers of safety-critical communication solutions, like Motorola Solutions, CommScope, PROCOM, Axell Wireless, RFS, and many more. The company opened its own online shop for the specialized professional trade at last summer, featuring more than 7,000 items. Various advising and training services round out the company’s range of products and services. “We’re proud to have successfully entered the distribution business segment last year, in a tough market environment. Our goal now is to build on that and continue to grow into the future,” Martin says.

In addition to the new distribution business, pei tel continues to offer individual development and production of communication solutions. This includes development of completely new solutions alongside modification of existing devices for voice or data transmission. Martin firmly believes the company has charted the course for a successful future: “With our years of experience and the optimized processes we have developed in the past, we will be able to be a strong, flexible partner to our customers not just now, but in the years and decades to come,” he explains.


Part of a responsible alliance of companies

As a Peiker family company, pei tel is also part of an alliance that covers many different fields, from innovative technologies to equestrian activities. Even with all these differences, all of the companies in the alliance embrace the same philosophy: “We take responsibility and want to do our part for the common good and to help with sustainability and the environment. That goes for everything, from small to big, from day-to-day activities to specific social initiatives,” Martin says. Peiker family companies support Paralympic athletes and extreme athletes with physical disabilities by providing communication systems, for example, and they also work closely with organizations such as the Berlin workshops for the disabled. Products are also manufactured using processes that conserve resources, and employees are given individual opportunities for growth.


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