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Our Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility

For pei tel, corporate social responsibility means being a positive part of the social community. That’s why we assume responsibility for the environment and people, both inside and outside our company. pei tel is socially involved and its corporate culture demonstrates that added value is more than simply focussing on short-term profit and turnover. Instead, the focus is on creating values.

Berliner Werkstätten für Menschen mit Behinderung GmbH

Since 2016, pei tel has been cooperating with Berliner Werkstätten für Menschen mit Behinderung GmbH (BWB, a Berlin-based workshop for the disabled). BWB performs part of the manufacturing and packing for pei tel. In this way, pei tel is helping people with handicaps to participate in modern work life. What’s more, pei tel benefits from having a local supplier that is very flexible and fully DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Both, BWB and pei tel are working towards long-term cooperation.

Since 1962, BWB has been producing in meanwhile 11 facilities for many companies in Berlin and Brandenburg. Over 1,600 people work for Berliner Werkstätten für Menschen mit Behinderung GmbH, efficiently and with DIN EN ISO certification.

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Environmental Protection

Our environmental responsibilities begin with our choice of power supplier and include separation of waste material and the utilization of resource-conserving processes. In this way, we are working towards a cleaner environment for all of us.

Several aspects of environmental protection and safety are featured in our business practices:

  • Resource-saving and eco-friendly processes and methods
  • Training in proper handling and disposal of dangerous materials
  • Consistent waste separation
  • Environmentally compliant waste disposal
  • Eco-friendly packaging for fragile and heavy-duty loads
  • Avoiding harmful sewage, etc.