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pei tel excels on a technological level, not just when it comes to marketing and developing the former peiker products, but also when it comes to developing new products and solutions.

More than a quarter of a century of collected experience in voice and data transmission and more than seventy years of know-how from peiker acustic form the basis for our decisions in this field.

Mobile Radio and Wireless Data Transfer - GPRS/2G, UTMS/3G, LTE/4G, 5G

As early as 2002, pei tel, working together with former peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG, started to develop high quality fixed-installation car phones on GSM basis. As a result of this, Blaupunkt launched the first GSM fixed-installation (GSM phone) on the European and US markets, which can be controlled completely by CAN bus. Since then, pei tel consequently applies GSM technology in its product ideas, for example, in the PTCarPhone series.

In addition, we use wireless data transfer via GPRS (2G), UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) in several individual products and solutions. Due to worldwide support, this form of data communication is an optimum basis for secure and protected transfer of data.

GPS Technology

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a global satellite system for position determination. Since the middle of the 1990s and up to today, it is the most important positioning system worldwide.

We were quick to recognise what this technology had to offer and in 1996, we launched the first devices for different types of vehicles, such as security vans, taxis and vehicle fleets.

Microphone Technology

Microphones and microphone technology have been part of the peiker portfolio from the very start. With the progress that has taken place in microphone technology in recent decades, we have continued to develop our acoustic expertise, especially in relation to signal quality and suppression of echoes and interference.

Back Electret Technology

Thanks to its extremely compact design, the miniature size of the microphone capsule and its good signal quality, the Electret Condenser Microphone (ECM) is perfectly suited for use in vehicles. That’s why pei tel uses this technology in the development of its vehicle acoustics products.


Our products, which have stood the test of time over decades, are constantly being updated and fitted with new technologies and interfaces, in order to harmonize with today’s other systems.

Take, for instance, the USB interface with its easy handling for end users which became a standard interface shortly after it was launched. We quickly recognised the potential of this interface and integrated it into our products. This allows us to offer our customers solutions and products, that can be easily, quickly and securely integrated into today’s control centre systems.

Furthermore, several technologies and interfaces, like for example I2C, I2S, SPI, RS232, RS485 und S/PDIF, are mandatory for modern audio and data transfer technologies and are partly integrated in our products.

One-Wire Technology

One-wire technology is a serial interface that requires only one physical data line. This single line is not only used for power supply, data is also transmitted in both the sending and receiving direction. This saves space in compact product solutions. It goes without saying that we too use this technology for our product developments.